30 Novembro
por Frederico Zornig

Palestra "Critical Pricing Processes to Achieve Changes" na 7ª Annual European & Global Pricing Conference - Barcelona - Espanha

In a more competitive and price driven marketplace, companies are increasingly aware of the positive impact on profitability that strategic pricing management can provide. To capture this opportunity, an organization must understand which pricing processes are important. In this session, Frederico Zornig presented how to determine and improve critical pricing processes, such as Strategy Definition, Pricing Execution, Pricing Team Structure, Pricing Monitor and Control, and Key Metrics. By improving these important courses of action, you and your company will have the opportunity to streamline pricing practices and perform more effectively.

Attendees learned:

  1. Which are most critical and how you can improve them
  2. The challenges and successes learned from case studies across different industries and organization types
  3. How to measure results from pricing initiatives