25 Outubro
por Frederico Zornig

Palestra "Customer Life Time Value and Yield Management — Execution and Best Practices " na PPS 23rd Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference - Orlando, FL - USA

Nowadays, companies are facing new competitive challenges from innovative companies with disrupt technologies and a faster business environment--with competitors reacting aggressively at any strategic or tactic move. In this scenario, pricing practices must be creative and adaptive to deliver business results. On this presentation, Frederico Zornig showed how some companies are implementing important pricing concepts, such as Customer Life Time Value and Yield Management to improve profitability through organizational capabilities, tools and discipline.

Attendees learned:

  1. The strategic implication of using more sophisticated concepts
  2. How to measure Customer Life Time Value (CLTV)
  3. How to apply CLTV effectively
  4. How to start a Yield Management process
  5. How to measure results of those initiatives