28 Agosto
por Frederico Zornig

Palestra "Pricing: a brazilian perspective" - Inaugural Latin American Pricing Conference & Workshop - PPS - São Paulo/SP

With his experience in working with dozens of companies throughout Brazil and Latin America, and more than 25 years of involvement in international and global pricing, Frederico Zornig provided an overview of what is working and what is not in the Latin American pricing arena. The presentation linked international pricing concepts with local practices, presenting case studies, best practices and some strategy adaptations that must be applied in order to be successful in a local pricing implementation in Latin American markets. Subjects such as price elasticity, pricing strategy, pricing policies, pricing software, and pricing surveys was examined. Using a hand on approach, this presentation provided recent project examples to demonstrate successful pricing strategy executions, as well as challenges faced during some recent pricing projects. In addition, this presentation examined and analyzed the impact on prices of local macro and microeconomic conditions, business environment and complex tax systems on the success of pricing strategies.

Attendees learned:

  1. What is working in Brazil and what is not in pricing
  2. Key challenges for local pricing implementation
  3. Overview of business conditions in Brazil and how they affect pricing decisions